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Healthy Senior Home Care

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All senior care facilities will care for your loved one’s physical needs. They will bathe and feed your mother or father. They will even provide medications and keep an eye open for physical problems or challenges. However, they don’t all provide the one-on-one attention, interaction and service that they need to stay healthy emotionally and spiritually.

In addition to being more affordable than most nursing homes, Haven of Rest also strives to help your loved one thrive and even improve with quality elder care. We do not just take your mother to the dining area in her wheelchair. We will walk with her, so she can maintain that important skill and enjoy the self-confidence that comes with the ability.

We schedule regular activities, and we talk to our residents to ensure that they are mentally engaged. Passionate about helping your loved one maintain as much independence as possible, we take steps to help people develop and improve their self-care skills.  Our residents are happier as a result, and they enjoy a higher quality of life.

With regular activities and a clean and loving environment, you can feel good about trusting us to care for your loved one. At Haven of Rest, your parent, sibling or other loved one will never be just another number. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, and it shows in how happy and comfortable our residents are. Call us today at (517) 655-8953 to make an appointment to meet with Sara and learn more about our valuable foster care system.

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