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Welcome to Haven of Rest

Making the decision to put your parent or another loved one in a nursing home is heart breaking. It’s never easy, and you want to find the best care possible for this person who has done so much for you. When you need a quality senior home for someone in your life, trust the team at Haven of Rest to provide you with the right services.

We start by providing 24-hour elder care in a setting that feels like home. It’s decorated like a traditional home with accommodations made for wheelchairs and walkers. Warm and inviting, it doesn’t feel, smell or look like an institution.

Staffed with skilled caregivers who are passionate about caring for others, our team makes decisions based on what is best for the residents. It takes a little more time to sit and talk with residents, encourage them to care for themselves when possible and walk them around the facility, but these actions are vital for emotional, mental and physical health. When you choose our homey facility, you are choosing a team that will provide those valuable services. Call us at (517) 655-8953 to learn more about our services and how they can benefit your loved one.

About Haven of Rest

Based out of Williamstown and offering services for residents of Lansing, we are one of the most trusted senior care facilities in the area. We are happy to tend to your loved one’s physical needs, but we take our care a step further.

We actively work with our residents to ensure that they maintain the highest level of functioning possible. This means that we have them help with dressing and bathing when possible. We help them walk around the facility, so they can maintain that level of independence and benefit from the motion. It would be easier and faster to transport them in wheelchairs from bedroom to dining room, but we aren’t interested in what’s easier. We make decisions based on what is best for our residents to keep them physically and socially engaged. This is a unique level of services among senior home facilities, and we are proud to specialize in it.

Our facility feels like a home rather than an institution, and that’s vital for the emotional health of our residents. We keep our guests active with programs and activities that engage their minds and promote a healthy balance in their life. We seek to provide physical, mental and spiritual enrichment to all of our residents. When you are looking for a care facility for your loved one, call Haven of Rest at (517) 655-8953 to see how we can provide the care you are looking for.

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